Wayne: baby boy name meaning and popularity


An occupational name derived from the Old English word "wægn," meaning "wagon," used to signify someone who made (or drove) wagons. These days, your Wayne will more likely just insist on being pulled in one because he's "too tired" to walk - even when he's almost too big to fit in his Radio Flyer any more.


Outside of something like "Waynie," there really aren't any pertinent nicknames for Wayne.

Famous people named Wayne:

Hockey player Wayne Gretzky; singer Wayne Newton; comedian/actor/singer Wayne Brady; rapper Lil' Wayne (birth name: Dwayne Carter, Jr.); musician Daniel Wayne "Wing" Sermon.

Fun fact:

According to research conducted by true crime documentary makers "Sword and Scale," 0.41% of convicted murderers have the middle name Wayne. Weird.

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