Abcde: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Yes, it's the first five letters of the alphabet, but it's also a girl's name - just ask the 300+ girls named Abcde (pronounced AB-city, FYI) since 1990. And look at it this way: when she learns to write her name, she'll also be learning part of the alphabet. WIN.



Famous people named Abcde:

There are no celebrity Abcdes, unless you count the two who made headlines for the public response to their unique name: Abcde Santos, who was turned away by a mall Santa in 2014, and Abcde Redford, whose name was mocked by a Southwest Airlines employee in 2018.

Fun fact:

The first known use of the name Abcde was for a baby girl born in a Hawaiian hospital in October 1986.

More Inspiration:

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