Adelina: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Latin diminutive of Adela, this one also comes from the Adaline family and means “noble.” You can remind your Adelina of that fact when she’s acting less than noble and throwing an epic fit over fruit snacks.


Addie, Addy, Lina.

Famous people named Adelina:

Adelina Barrion, Filipina entomologist and geneticist whose extensive study of spiders has earned her the title “Asia’s Spider Woman”; singer Adelina Garcia; British composer Adelina de Lara; opera singer Adelina Patti; Italian publisher Adelina Tattilo.

Fun fact:

Interestingly, this name was around a couple centuries ago, dropped off completely in the 1930s, and then reappeared on the name circuit within the last 10 years.

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