Allyson: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Allyson: A variation of Allison, this name means “noble.” You can remind your Allyson that true nobles sit nicely in their car seats and let their parents buckle them in properly. (They probably don’t, but she doesn’t need to know that.)


Ally, Allie, Alice.

Famous people named Allyson:

American gold medal sprinter Allyson Felix; singer Allyson “Ally” Brooke; U.S. federal judge Allyson Kay Duncan; congresswoman Allyson Young Schwartz; actress Allyson Brown; former Miss Idaho Allyson Swan.

Fun fact:

This name has variations in languages all over the world, including Adalheidis in Ancient Germanic, Alícia in Catalan, Adelheid in Dutch, Aliisa in Finnish, and Alise in Latvian, among others.

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