Amina: baby girl name meaning and popularity


The Bosnian form of Aminah, this name is Arabic for “truthful.” Clearly this is the best choice for a child who tells you the truth about who really ate the last Girl Scout cookie. Meaning "trustworthy" in Swahili, Amina is great way to encourage your little one to be forthright and honest.


Minnie, Mina.

Famous people named Amina:

Rhythmic gymnast Amina Zaripova; 20th-century Egyptian actress Amina Rizk; progressive Muslim professor Amina Wadud; activist long-term political prisoner of South Africa Amina Desai; Nigerian diplomat and ambassador Amina Bazindre. Amina was a 16th century Hausa warrior queen from Nigeria who apparently beheaded all of her lovers the very next morning so they couldn't "live to tell the tale." Badass!

Fun fact:

The mother of the prophet Mohammed was named Aminah.

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