Amira: baby girl name meaning and popularity


An Arabic name that means “princess," this name also has variations that include Ameera, Amirah, Meera, Meerah, Mera, Merah, Mira and Mirah. For a little girl who may eat, sleep, and breathe in princess dresses all day long at age 3, this name is an adorable choice.


Mimi, Mira, Amy.

Famous people named Amira:

Israeli journalist and author Amira Hass; French actress Amira Casar; Dutch opera singer Amira Willighagen; singer Amira Medunjanin; actress Amirah Vann; swimmer Amira Edrahi.

Fun fact:

Amira is also a Hebrew female given name, meaning “treetop” or “saying.”

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