Aya: baby girl name meaning and popularity


This little three-letter name has roots in many cultures. In Japanese, it means "colorful" or "design" ... in Hebrew, it means "bird" ... and in Arabic, it means "amazing." So if you put those together, "colorful, amazing bird," that's basically a parrot. And, like a parrot, your little Aya will no doubt be both smart and chatty.


Seeing as this is one of the simplest names you can get, there's hardly any way to simplify it further.

Famous people named Aya:

Models Aya Jones and Aya Thorgren; singers Aya Matsuura, Aya Ishiguro, and Aya Hirano; actresses Aya Cash, Aya Liu, and Aya Ueto.

Fun fact:

The verses of the Quran are known as Aya, or Ayah.

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