Brittany: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Brittany is the Anglicized name of the French region Bretagne, meaning "from Briton" and used to refer to English people who originally settled there. You'll just want your little Brittany to settle down. But you'll have to give it a few years.


Britt, Brittie.

Famous people named Brittany:

Actresses Brittany Murphy, Brittany Snow, Brittany Daniel, Brittany Robertson, Brittany Ashton Holmes, and Brittany Underwood; Olympic swimmer Brittany Elmslie; ballerina Brittany Pollack; Olympic diver Brittany Broben; models Brittany Scullark and Brittany Sullivan.

Fun fact:

The region of Brittany, France is the site of some of the world's oldest standing architecture.

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