Carmen: baby girl name meaning and popularity


The medieval Spanish form of Carmel, which comes from the Latin word “song,” or “to sing,” this name also means “garden” in Hebrew. And since your child is likely to belt out whatever Disney song is popular at the time 24/7, this might be a fitting choice.


Carmela, Carmelita, Carm.

Famous people named Carmen:

Actress Carmen Electra; 1940s and 50s samba singer Carmen Miranda; Mexican actress and director Carmen Salinas; fictional Carmen Cortez, main character in the movie Spy Kids; fictional Carmen Lopez, character on the show George Lopez; reality TV personality and burlesque performer Carmen Carrera; world’s oldest working model Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Fun fact:

This name evokes a sense of mystery and travel as 90s kids remember playing “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

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