Caylee: baby girl name meaning and popularity


The origin of this name is unclear. Some say it's related to the Gaelic word "céilidh," which refers to a social gathering - but it's more likely just a modern coinage, wherein somebody stuck together two sounds that they liked. Either way, this is one of a bazillion possible spellings, so your little Caylee may have other Kaileys or Cayleighs or Kailees in her class.


Cay, Lee.

Famous people named Caylee:

Child pageant queen Caylee Shorter; murder victim Caylee Anthony; swimmer Caylee Watson; pro wrestler Caylee Turner (stage name: Christina Crawford).

Fun fact:

This name hit its peak on the U.S. popularity charts in 2009 at #264, the year after Casey Anthony was on trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

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