Courtney: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Originally a surname, whose meaning is unclear; some say it came from "domain of Curtenus" (from the Latin word "curtus," meaning "broken"), while other sources claim it means "short nose" from a French nickname, "curt" (short) "nes" (nose). We kinda like the short nose better - after all, how adorable is the image of a baby girl with a cute button nose?



Famous people named Courtney:

Actresses Courtney Thorne-Smith, Courtney "CoCo" Jones, Courtney Robinson, Courtney Jines, Courtney Peldon, and Courtney Halverson; singer Courtney Love; novelist Courtney Toombs; Olympic gymnasts Courtney McCool and Courtney Kupets; Olympic ice hockey player Courtney Kennedy.

Fun fact:

Your little Courtney may enjoy the 1994 John Burningham children's book "Courtney" about a multi-talented dog.

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