Everly: baby girl name meaning and popularity


An Old English name that means “from the boar meadow” or “grazing meadow,” this is a pretty good name for a child who will tear through your house like a boar and eat you out of house and home. That’s every kid, basically. This name certainly does give off a magical, fairy tale vibe regardless of its meaning.


Eve, Evie, Ev.

Famous people named Everly:

The Everly Brothers (famous singing duo from the 60s); Everly (modern folk band); daughter of Channing and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Fun fact:

Everly originates from either of the villages called Everley, in Wiltshire and Yorkshire, or Eversley parish in Hampshire, or possibly for some name holders from a now “lost” medieval village believed to have been in the West of England.

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