Evie: baby girl name meaning and popularity


A nickname for Eve or Evelyn, this name means “life” as Eve is the biblical mother of all the living. It might be a nickname for other popular ‘E’ names, but it can definitely stand alone.


Eve, Eva, Ev.

Famous people named Evie:

Poet and author Evie Christie; New Zealand footballer Evie Millynn; actress Evie Peck; daughter of actors Sean Bean and Abigail Cruttenden; fictional Evie in Disney’s The Descendants.

Fun fact:

Evie is a popular name in TV shows and movies today, including Evie Zamora, character in the film Thirteen; Evie McLaren, character on TV's Mako Mermaids; Evie, main character on animated series Mike the Knight; and Evie Cho, character on the TV show Orphan Black.

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