Guadalupe: baby girl name meaning and popularity


A Spanish place name, this is a combination of the Arabic word "wad" meaning "river" and the Latin "lupus," which means "wolf" - hence, Guadalupe means "river of the wolf." So don't be surprised if your little Guadalupe howls every time you try to get her into the bathtub.


Lupe, Lupita.

Famous people named Guadalupe:

Miss Universe 1991 María Guadalupe "Lupita" Jones; Olympic diver Guadalupe Canseco; first (male) president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria; actresses Guadalupe "Lupita" Pallás, Guadalupe "Lupe" Ontiveros, Yolanda Guadalupe "Lupita" Ferrer, Guadalupe "Lupita" D'Alessio, and María Guadalupe "Lupe" Villalobos Vélez.

Fun fact:

There is a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean, 150 miles off the coast of Mexico, called Guadalupe Island.

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