Hadassah: baby girl name meaning and popularity


A Hebrew name meaning "myrtle tree." And, much like waiting for a tree to grow, teaching little Hadassah how to spell her name is going to be an exercise in patience. At least it's just four letters repeated.


Haddie, Dasha.

Famous people named Hadassah:

Model Hadassah Richardson; wife of former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, Hadassah Lieberman.

Fun fact:

In the Bible, Hadassah was a Jewish girl who caught the eye of the king of Persia and became his queen. Thereby known as Queen Esther, she had to hide her Jewish heritage, but this became a problem when Haman, one of the king's highest court officials, wanted to exterminate Jews. Esther wasn't having it, so she used a combo of brains and beauty to save the lives of many of her people.

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