Hana: baby girl name meaning and popularity


If you want a name that has flavors from many cultures, Hana is your pick. It can be a spelling variation of the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning "favor," and is the spelling most favored by Slavic cultures. In Arabic, it means "happiness." In Hawaiian, it means "work." And in Japanese, it means "blossom." When she's old enough, tell her, "It would make me HAPPY if you'd do me a FAVOR and WORK in the garden until it BLOSSOMS." Since that entire sentence is literally the meaning of her name, she pretty much has no choice. Hope you've got a green thumb, Hana!


Han, Hannie.

Famous people named Hana:

Actress Hana Hatae; singer/songwriter Hana Pestle; novelist Hana Mullins; model Hana Soukupová.

Fun fact:

You'll want your little Hana to read Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine, a novel about a mysterious suitcase belonging to a little girl whose family was turned upside down by the Holocaust.

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