Honesty: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Patience and Mercy are virtue names of old; Honesty is one of the new crop, the modern versions of their Puritan cousins, but still just as virtuous. Be warned, though - you can name your kid Honesty, but that won't make her any less likely to lie about who ate the last piece of chocolate from your "secret" stash.


Shortening this name diminishes its meaning, and isn't that the entire point of the name to begin with?

Famous people named Honesty:

There are no famous Honestys at this point, but just wait - the name is becoming more popular, so in a couple of decades we'll see an Honesty or two pop up on TV.

Fun fact:

"Honesty" is also the nickname of the Lunaria annua plant, a purple flowering plant native to the Balkans and southwest Asia.

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