Kia: baby girl name meaning and popularity


This is one of those names with incredible versatility. Its origin can be African, meaning "beginning," or Persian, meaning "guardian," or a diminutive of several names from Kiana to Kristina. But one thing is a consistent certainty: it will most definitely garner a ton of car jokes.


Seeing as it is a nickname sometimes, there's really no shortening it.

Famous people named Kia:

Actresses Kia Pegg, Kia Luby, and Kia Goodwin; model Kia Drayton; novelist Kia Abdullah; basketball player Kia Vaughn; soccer player Kia McNeill.

Fun fact:

The Kia Motor Company's best selling models to date are the Forte, Soul, and Optima. Bet you know what your little Kia is going to beg for when she turns sixteen.

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