Linda: baby girl name meaning and popularity


This name may be of German origin, coming from the name "Linde" which is the short version of older names such as Sieglinde (and meaning "soft, gentle." Or it may be the feminine version of the word "lindo," which means "pretty" in Spanish and "clean" in Italian. Either way, if your little Linda is soft, gentle, pretty, and clean - or any combination thereof - that sounds like a nice combo.


Lin, Linny.

Famous people named Linda:

Singers Linda Ronstadt and Linda Perry; actresses Linda Blair, Linda Gray, Linda Evans, Linda Hamilton, Linda Darnell, Linda Lavin, Linda Bove, and Linda Cardellini; supermodel Linda Evangelista; musician Linda McCartney.

Fun fact:

If you were a fan of "Sesame Street," you may remember Linda: the Street's resident librarian, who was deaf.

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