Lola: baby girl name meaning and popularity


From the Spanish Dolores, or a nickname for Charlotte, this name means “sorrows, aches.” While that may sound a bit dark, we know that your little Lola will cure all your sorrows and aches, not bring you new ones (except maybe when she’s two and three years old).


Lo, Loli, Lolita.

Famous people named Lola:

Singer-model-actress Loletha (Lola) Falana; actress Lola Albright; Argentinian sculptor said to be a rebel and pioneer in her field Lola Mora; daughters of Kelly Ripa, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, Jennie Garth, Chris Rock, and Lisa Bonet.

Fun fact:

The main character in the song “Copacabana” is named Lola.

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