Madison: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Known to derive from Matilda, which means “strong fighter,” a girl with this name is sure to hold her own in a toddler brawl when neither wants to share. The nicknames that accompany this name are popular (and adorable) in their own right, if you prefer a shortened moniker.


Maddy, Maddie, Madi.

Famous people named Madison:

First Lady Dolly Madison; actress, dancer, and reality TV star Madison (Maddie) Ziegler.

Fun fact:

The name didn’t rise to popularity until the 1980s (when it was used -- as a joke! -- in the iconic movie Splash) but it’s been a famous last name much longer, thanks mostly to James and Dolly Madison. And it’s a popular name for cities and streets throughout the U.S. (think shopping on Madison Avenue in NYC).

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