Melisandre – Scary Mommy


Likely based on Melisande (sans "r"), the French version of Millicent, meaning "strong worker." Funny, because with a name this glamorous-sounding, it's hard to picture a Melisandre doing anything but lounging gracefully on fancy furniture. But hey! Let's hope your little Melisandre lives up to her name's meaning.


Mel, Mellie, Sandie.

Famous people named Melisandre:

Melisandre, the fictional (and mainly evil) Red Priestess from Game of Thrones.

Fun fact:

In Game of Thrones, the sorceress Melisandre looks young and gorgeous, but is actually ancient - between 100 and 400 years old. We want some of whatever face cream she's using.

More Inspiration:

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