Minnie: baby girl name popularity and meaning


This name itself is a nickname, though what it’s a nickname for varies; it can be short for Minerva, Mary, Margaret, even Wilhelmina and Amelia, so its meaning changes depending on what name it stems from. From Minerva, though, it means “intellect,” so let’s hope your little Minnie is smart enough to handle that 7th-grade math homework all by herself. Because, yuck.


We already discussed this. In detail. Sheesh.

Famous people named Minnie:

Actresses Minnie Dupree, Minnie Gentry, and Minnie Driver; comedienne Minnie Pearl; opera singer Minnie Hauck; suffragist Minnie Cunningham.

Fun fact:

Minnie was at the height of its popularity in the 1880s.

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