Myra – Scary Mommy


A literary name, invented by Elizabethan-era poet Sir Fulke Greville. It caught on like wildfire, and at one point (during the 1880s) it was as high as the 150s on the popularity list. Like all classics, it's coming back into style, so give your little Myra a leg up on her "It Girl" status by gifting her this adorable name.


My, Mya.

Famous people named Myra:

Singers Myra Taylor (born Myra Jardine Render) and Myra (born Mayra Carol Ambriz Quintana); pianist Myra Hess; philanthropist Myra Hiatt Kraft.

Fun fact:

The world knows her as singer/songwriter Tori Amos ... but her birth name is Myra Ellen Amos.

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