Nadia: baby girl name meaning and popularity


The name Nadia means "hope" in many Slavic languages and is the variant of the Slavic Nadya. Babies are a beacon of hope, as in we “hope” your little Nadia potty-trains quickly, so this name is perfect.


Nadi, Nadie, Nady.

Famous people named Nadia:

Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci; Olympic volleyball athlete Nadia Centoni; Olympic triathlon athlete Nadia Cortessa; former Miss New York Nadia Behette; American Idol finalist Nadia Turner; Pakistani singer-songwriter Nadia Ali; pediatrician, novelist, and politician Nadia Hashimi; fictional Nadias on Alias and American Pie.

Fun fact:

Nadia might also be a variant transcription of the Arabic NADIYYA, which means "moist, tender, delicate.”

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