Nina: baby girl name meaning and popularity


This name comes with a slew of theorized meanings behind it, including being a nickname for names like Antonina and Giannina, Spanish for “little girl,” and First Nations for “mighty warrior.” If you’re anticipating having a girl with some fight in her, Nina is a great choice. Let’s just hope she saves that fighting spirit for a good cause, and doesn’t use it to protest eating her green beans.



Famous people named Nina:

Civil rights activist and singer-songwriter Nina Simone; actresses Nina Dobrev, Nina Arianda, Nina Arvesen, and Nina Axelrod; daughter of professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya; Nina Ricci, well-known fashion brand created by Maria (Nina) Ricci; molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff.

Fun facts:

“Nina” is the title of a song by Ed Sheeran.

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