Olivia: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Derived from the Latin word oliva (which means olive), Olivia is the feminine variation of Oliver. You may have been “hopelessly devoted” to this name since you first met Danny Zuko as a kid, and no one will judge you for that. Or you’ve named your baby after the gladiator herself, Olivia Pope, who has hands-down THE BEST “get the fuck out of my way” walk in the D.C. area (in real life or on TV).


Via, Ollie, and Livvy are popular. My favorite is Liv, especially as used by Detective Stabler while flexing and chasing perps in NYC.

Famous people named Olivia:

Gladiator Olivia Pope from Scandal; Olivia Newton-John; Olivia Benson from SVU.

Fun fact:

This name was first used in this spelling by William Shakespeare for a character in his comedy Twelfth Night.

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