Peggy: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Weirdly, a diminutive of the name Margaret, which means "pearl." But your beautiful daughter will reflect this meaning perfectly. Because when the world, like an oyster, is kind of gross - your little Peggy will be like the pearl amidst the grossness. How poetic.


Peg, Pegasaurus. Totally kidding about that last one.

Famous people named Peggy:

Singers Peggy Lee, Peggy Seeger, Peggy Lennon, and Peggy Scott-Adams; actresses Peggy Garner, Peggy Lipton, Peggy Knudsen, and Peggy Shannon; author Peggy Orenstein.

Fun fact:

The name Peggy peaked in 1937 at #31 on the popularity list. Is it time for a comeback?

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