Phoebe: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Derived from the Greek Phoibos, this name means “bright” and “pure” and is another name for Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon. We can only hope, however, that when the moon is out, your little Phoebe lets you pull her room darkening shade so she goes to sleep.


Fee-Fee, Pheebes.

Famous people named Phoebe:

fictional Phoebes from Friends, Charmed, and Hey Arnold! ; sharpshooter Phoebe Ann Moses (known as Annie Oakley); actress Phoebe Cates; Australian figure skater Phoebe Di Tommaso; actress and singer Phoebe Strole; aviation pioneer Phoebe Omlie; daughter of author Roald Dahl; daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Fun fact:

In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan associated with the moon and was also an epithet of her granddaughter Artemis. A moon of Saturn bears the name Phoebe in honor of the Titan.

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