Rosemary: baby girl name meaning and popularity


A combination of Rose and Mary, this name can also relate to the herb rosemary, which has Latin roots and means “dew of the sea.” Which will be fitting when your Rosemary creates a tidal wave during bathtime. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Rose, Rosie, Mary.

Famous people named Rosemary:

Ballerina Rosemary Dunleavy; Rosemary Kennedy, sister of John F. Kennedy; actresses Rosemary Murphy, Rosemary Dunsmoore, and Rosemary Prinz; Nigerian sprinter Rosemary Okafor; author Rosemary Altea; director Rosemary Rodriguez.

Fun fact:

Rosemary’s Baby is a famous novel and movie from the 1960s about giving birth to a demonic baby. Obviously your child isn’t actually possessed, but some days you wonder.

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