Sadie: baby girl name meaning and popularity


A English name and diminutive of Sarah, Sadie is famous for the name given to a type of dance where teenagers stop acting like it’s 1903 and the girls ask the boys to be their dates. Sadie is thought to be a common “hipster” baby name, so you probably need to use reusable grocery bags and harvest your own honey if you pick this one.



Famous people named Sadie:

Sadie Hawkins Day, an American folk event made famous by the comic strip Li’l Abner; Sadie Sink of Stranger Things; Sadie Sandler, actress and daughter of Adam Sandler.

Fun fact:

Also said to mean “mercy” in Spanish, this trendy name was actually hugely common in the late 1800s, dropped off, and has regained momentum since the turn of this century.

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