Samantha: baby girl name meaning and popularity


Said to be the feminine form of Samuel with the suffix “antha” meaning “flower,” this one is famous due to a certain TV character who put the “sex” in Sex in the City, as well as a witch who was also a mom in the 60s. With other meanings that include “God heard” and “listener,” this name didn’t become popular until the 1970s and peaked around 1990.


Sam, Sammy, Sami, Sammie.

Famous people named Samantha:

Political commentator and TV host Samantha Bee; pop singer Samantha Fox; fictional characters Samantha from Bewitched and Samantha Jones from Sex and the City.

Fun fact:

In Sri Lanka Samantha is used as a masculine given name, being one of the forms of the name of the god Saman.

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