Shanaya: baby girl name meaning and popularity



A spelling variation of the name Shania, which was popularized by singer Shania Twain. Twain claimed her first name came from an Ojibwe word meaning "on my way," though this is likely inaccurate (the closest thing in Ojibwe is "ani aya’aa," which means "someone's on the way"). But the important thing is, little Shanaya's on her way no matter what her name actually means, so step aside and let her do her thing!


Shani, Nya.

Famous people named Shanaya:

Author Shanaya Fastje; actress Shanaya Kapoor.

Fun fact:

Someday, when your little Shanaya becomes rich and famous, maybe she'll treat you to a stay at the Shanaya Beach Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand. Or maybe she'll just buy the whole place and you can live there.