Siobhan: baby girl name meaning and popularity


An Irish name meaning "the Lord is gracious," this one may be a little tricky to pronounce for some people (it's sheh-VAHN). But think of it this way: constantly correcting people and spelling her name aloud will be a lifelong lesson in patience for little Siobhan, right? Right.


You could call her "Von" although technically it would be spelled "Bhan" and that would just look weird.

Famous people named Siobhan:

Actresses Siobhan Redmond, Siobhan Finneran, Siobhan Flynn, and Siobhan Hogan; singers Siobhan Magnus ad Siobhan Donaghy; children's novelist Siobhan Dowd.

Fun fact:

Traditionally, this name features an accent mark: Siobhán.

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