Tatiana: baby girl name meaning and popularity


This is the Russian, feminine version of the Latin family name Tatius, after an 8th-century B.C. Roman king, Titus Tatius. Because the meaning of the name Tatius is unknown, so is the meaning of the name Tatiana. But you can still tell your little girl that she's named after St. Tatiana - the patron saint of students - so you expect nothing less than the honor roll.


Tati, Tiana, Ana.

Famous people named Tatiana:

Actress Tatiana Maslany; journalist (and granddaughter of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy) Tatiana Kennedy Schlossberg; operatic mezzo-soprano Tatiana Troyannos; gymnast Tatiana Gutsu.

Fun fact:

Queen Tatiana is a character in Daisy Meadows' children's book series "Rainbow Magic."

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