Banks: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


An English surname referring to the banks of a river, but it also refers to the place where your money goes, then mysteriously disappears from once your little Banks is in the picture. Because kids are a drain on the ol' bank account.


There are really no good nicknames for Banks, unless you want to use Banksy, but then your kid might grow up to be a graffiti artist.

Famous people named Banks:

Daughter of actress Hilary Duff and musician Matthew Koma, Banks Violet Bair; visual artist Banks Violette; son of model Tyra Banks, York Banks Asla.

Fun fact:

Banks is a popular family name in movies; the "Banks" family is featured in Father of the Bride, Mary Poppins, and The Lord of the Rings. And on TV, too, as the Banks family of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

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