Bo: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


A versatile name, Bo can be a lot of things. It can be for boys or girls. It can be a nickname for Bowen, Bodhi, Bonita, Boris, Bonnie, or any number of other B- or Bo- names. It can be a spelling variation of the French “beau,” meaning “handsome”; it can be derived from a Norse nickname, “bua,” meaning “to live”; it can be derived from a Chinese family name. Basically, let’s hope your little Bo is as flexible and varied as his or her name.


Does Bo really need a nickname?! Come on.

Famous people named Bo:

Actress Bo Derek; musician Bo Diddley; singer Bo Bice; football and baseball player Bo Jackson; comedian Bo Burnham; pro wrestler Bo Dallas.

Fun facts:

Bo is the name of the Obamas' family dog.

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