Loki: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


Taken from Norse mythology, Loki was a god and a trickster. The name's meaning could be derived from several Old Norse sources: first, the word "lopt," meaning "sky"; second, the word "luka," meaning "lock"; or lastly, the word "leug," meaning "to torment." Any are fitting, although if your little Loki has siblings, meaning #3 will probably have particular significance.


IDK ... Loke?

Famous people named Loki:

Rugby player Loki Crichton; conservationist Hannelore "Loki" Schmidt.

Fun fact:

The Norse mythological god Loki was a prankster and a shape-shifter, taking on various forms including a fish, a horse, a fly, and an elderly woman named Þökk.

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