Tegan: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


Tegan has two possible etymologies: one, from the Welsh word "teg" (meaning "fair and beautiful," + the diminutive "an" suffix meaning "little"). The second, from the Gaelic word "tadhg," meaning "storyteller" (again, plus the "little" suffix - so, "little storyteller"). But no matter which meaning you go with, Tegan is sure to tell you a few whoppers, so the storyteller meaning may be the most accurate. At least during childhood.



Famous people named Tegan:

Singer/songwriter Tegan Quin; model Tegan Martin; novelist Tegan Daylight; actresses Tegan Moss and Tegan Higginbotham; film producer Tegan Summer.

Fun fact:

Tegan Price is a character on the ABC TV series "How to Get Away with Murder."

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