Terry: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


A short form of names like Terence or Theresa, or possibly derived from the French male name Thierry, which means "ruler of the people." And if by "the people" you mean "the parents," and by "ruler" you mean "schedule-dictator and general household boss," then yeah - that's definitely accurate.


Terry is pretty short already, don'tcha think?

Famous people named Terry:

Actress Terry "Teri" Garr; actors Terry Kiser, Terry Gilliam, and Terry Crews; novelists Terry Brooks, Terry Pratchett, and Terry Goodkind; pro wrestler Terry Funk; former football player/actor Terry Bradshaw.

Fun fact:

The world may know him as wrestler/TV personality Hulk Hogan, but his birth name is Terry Gene Bollea.

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