Toby: unisex baby name meaning and popularity


A diminutive of Tobias, which is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Toviyyah meaning "the Lord is good." Let's hope your little Toby is good, too, especially in public where people are judging your parenting based on your kid's behavior.


There really aren't any good nicknames for Toby.

Famous people named Toby:

Actress Toby Wing; actor Toby Stephens; football players Toby Gerhart and Toby Gowin; YouTuber Toby Turner (a.k.a. Tobuscus); singers Toby Keith and Toby McKeehan (a.k.a. tobyMac); music producer Toby Gad.

Fun fact:

Fans of the movie Labyrinth will recognize Toby as the baby - but he was played by a real-life Toby: Toby Froud, the son of Brian Froud, who designed many of the characters and sets for the movie.

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