25 Of The Best Long Baby Girl Names

25 Of The Best Baby Girl Names With Lots Of Letters

Harold M. Lambert / Getty Images

Naming the girl you’re about to raise—whether she comes from your womb via c-section or birth canal, or from another womb all together—is one of the greatest moments in life. However she got here, you’re her mama now, and you need to call her something. If you’re a fan of multiple syllables and really want to test her kindergarten writing skills straight out of the gate, here are some names that are 9 letters or more.

1. Adrianna

2. Alejandra

3. Alessandra

4. Alexandria 

5. Annabella

6. Anastasia

7. Brooklynn

8. Catherine

9. Christina

10. Elizabeth

11. Emanuelle

12. Esmeralda

13. Evangeline

14. Francesca

15. Gabrielle

16. Genevieve

17. Gracelynn

18. Gwendolyn

19. Hildegarde

20. Jacqueline

21. Josephine

22. Madeleine

23. Marylouise

24. Remington

25. Stephanie