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7 People You Meet In Spin Class

spin class

I came to the world of exercise later in life. And by “later in life,” I mean that I had to start exercising after two kids, two C-Sections, and turning thirty because it turns out that when these things happen, your thighs look remarkably different from when you were in your teens and twenties. Around […]

How I Explained Sexting And Porn To My Tweens

talking to tweens about porn

As a parent, you know that heavy conversations are usually had when you least expect them. When we sat down to dinner this week, I expected a recap of the school day, a debate on March Madness, and maybe a bit of the never-ending debacle that is the present presidential race. I definitely did not […]

‘Sneeze-Pee Fusion’ And Other Sad Facts About Midlife

When I was 20, I didn’t spend much time thinking about what it would be like to be…well…old. My 40s and 50s seemed like they were a looong way off — mostly because they were. If I’d have stopped to think about what midlife would look like, I probably would have imagined myself wearing polyester stretch pants, pantyhose with reinforced toes, […]

I’m Going To Miss 10

This morning, my son Peter ran into my room, very excited to show me the telescope and binoculars he had made from paper, tape, and staples. “Can I bring them with me when Tom and I visit Grandpa today? I want to show them to him.” “Of course. I think he will love to see […]

The Evolution Of A Mom’s Sex Drive


sex drive

The complexities of the maternal sex drive and its characteristic traits have mystified paleosexologists (not to mention eager-beaver spouses) since the first Homo habilis wanted to get busy and his mate suggested he acquaint himself with his opposable thumb instead. Recently, however, teams of researchers have finally been able to piece together the five key […]

5 Ways I’m Preparing My Tween For Social Media

social media

My 9-year-old son is a self-proclaimed gamer and computer geek. He loves playing video games and spending many hours explaining them to me in detail while I pretend to listen. He’s even started to design his own video games and is taking a computer coding class in school so that he can take his nerdy interests […]

Why I Gave Up Volunteering

pta volunteer

When I was in fifth grade, I met Mrs. Tallis. She was my moms’s tough-talking, Southern spitfire friend, and she was the president of our elementary school PTA. When I watched her wield her gavel at their meetings and heard her manhandle a group of moms with her Southern drawl, I knew I wanted to […]