Child Loss Resource Page –

Child Loss Resource Page

Whether it happened today, yesterday or thirty years ago, your pain is real, your pain is validated, and your pain is relevant.

Child loss is child loss, and there are no justifications that could ever deem it worthy of belittlement. The sooner that we realize that, the sooner we can knock down the barriers that makes this road so forsaken and lonely.

When it comes to child loss, there are no right words or quick fixes. But there is hope, love, grace, guidance and a community of other bereaved parents you’ll grow to love as family. And among them, there is support you didn’t know existed or you needed.

Child Loss Support Services

Go Pink And Blue

Go Pink and Blue aims to knock down the barriers and isolation by bringing awareness to the devastating numbers of pregnancy and infant losses throughout the world.


A TIME provides assistance in the event of loss during any point of a pregnancy. Mothers and couples are offered support, phone group connections, grief counseling, as well as referrals to medical professions who can help families get started on the road to pregnancy once again.

Bereaved Parents Of The USA

A national, self-help organization that offers compassion, understanding and hope to families after the loss of a child. This organization is aimed at helping the entire family.

Share Pregnancy And Infant Loss Organization 

This foundation aims to serve anyone affected by the tragic loss of a baby. They offer bed-side companionship should you need it, phone-support, resource packets, face-to-face support meetings, private online communities and more.

Love & Loss Project 

An organization that offers free monthly retreats, healing programs and private sessions for women and couples across the globe.

National Fertility Support Center

This health care organization provides counseling, education and support services to those struggling with infertility.

Twinless Twins 

They provide support for twins and/or other multiples who have lost their twin at any age.

The Compassionate Friends

Another great resource for in-person support groups, private Facebook group invites and encouragement.

Financial Services

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

This organization offers free remembrance photos for families during and after the birth of their stillborn baby. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep gives the gift of healing and “validates the existence and presence of these precious babies by honoring their legacy.”

 Angel Names Association

An organization aimed at easing the financial burdens that come along with child loss. From the autopsy, burial, cremation, funeral costs, etc. Angel Names Association works in all 50 of the United States to help bereaved parents.

The Tears Foundation

An organization with the goal in mind that no grieving parent should have to worry about the financial burden when losing a child. In addition, this foundation offers free support groups, funding for current infant funerals, as well as lifting the weight of burial expenses for families in need.

Unique Support And Services

Purposeful Gift

The Purposeful Gift hopes to make the process of organ and tissue donation a little bit easier by providing accurate information. They also offer support and other resources during this journey as well.

Milkin’ Mamas

A place where mothers can donate their stored breastmilk from before their infant died or after their stillborn has been born. (Don’t forget, most local hospitals usually have milk banks too.)

The Little Angels 

An in-home organization that provides free caskets to financially-needy families suffering a stillbirth or an infant loss.