PSA: Father's Day Is Almost Here, And We're Ready To Help You Shop –

PSA: Father’s Day Is Almost Here, And We’re Ready To Help You Shop

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The air is thick with the smell of barbecues and puns, which can mean only one thing…

Father’s Day is upon us.

Don’t freak out. And don’t be caught running to your closet for that cheap set of grill tools your bank gave you when you opened a checking account.

Relax, for we at Scary Mommy have got your back when it comes to saying thanks to the most important guy in your life who isn’t Harry Styles.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your own dad or the father of your children, we’ve got you covered with a safe shipping window. Geeks, grillers, gentlemen, and guy’s guys, there is something for everyone and enough time to have it arrive at your door so you can wrap and hand-deliver to dear ol’ dad.

The first thing you have to do is get him a “Proud Dad” T-shirt. It’s, like, a rule. Make sure to grab his yearly picture with the kids while he looks handsome AF in his new tee. There’s just something about proud dad in a cheesy tee that makes us giddy.

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And then moving on:

ThermoPro Remote Wireless Thermometer

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Give dad a little more freedom around the grill. This thermometer has a wireless device he can carry around the house and yard so he can monitor the heat of his meat. It comes with preset temperatures for a variety of different meats like lamb, fish, and beef, so he doesn’t have to remember what temperature he is aiming for either.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit

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The Alpha Fit takes Clarisonic’s technology used for skincare devices like the Mia 2 and personalizes it for men. The Men’s Daily Cleanse Brush gives a powerful cleansing that can even scrub beneath beards. Hair and stubble stands straighter, making for a closer shave and keeping ingrown hairs at bay. It even has two power settings so he can get a boost after a workout or when his facial hair is a little grimy. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the coin.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA 

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For the new dad in your life. This is a super-fun book to read with your baby. All the dad animals are trying to teach their babies to say “Dada” first, but the babies just respond with their animal sound. It’s cute and silly, and dads will get a kick out of annoying their wives with this one. Write a sweet note inside, and it’s ready to go.

The Bro Basket

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These baskets ship same day and are themed with all kinds of culinary and beverage preferences. Does your dad love a good whiskey? There’s a basket for that. Has your husband been really into CrossFit since he saw all those guys jumping on boxes on ESPN? There’s a basket for that. Your son recently became a new father and is in desperate need of all the coffee? There’s a basket for that. You can even build your own for a custom basket that hits all the things the man in your life enjoys.

Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers

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You really can’t go wrong with these classic styles, and everybody likes a quality pair of shades. (If you’re like my husband, who got a pair last Father’s Day, you keep your “good ones” in the car.)

Ice Sphere Molds

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If the dad you’re shopping for is a fan of whiskey and other spirits, these ice spheres are way better than ice cubes for a glass on the rocks. They melt slower and keep his drink cold without watering it down. Plus they look cool. Dads love to look cool.

BLENDX Ratchet Universal Sockets Metric Wrench Power Drill Adapter Set

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Pop this on a ratchet on a power drill, and Dad can screw or unscrew countless nuts, bolts, fasteners, hooks, and more. It adapts to fit almost anything he might need it to.

Thoughtfully Gift Box 

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High-quality, carefully curated, and ready for gifting — these make the perfect Father’s Day gift for anyone on your list. There’s something for everyone. Bonus: You can skip the post office, and just have this delivered straight to their door.

Dad Mugs

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Because Dads love coffee too. You can fill it with his favorite candy, or a gift card, or just deliver it to him with filled with his favorite brew and promise he gets to drink it while it’s hot.

Ask Me About My T-Rex Shirt

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This is the dad joke of shirts. Watch him laugh his ass off as soon as he puts it on and starts chasing your kids around the yard. Bonus points if you cue up the Jurassic Park soundtrack as he opens it.

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

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Warm beer, be gone! Have dad keep these in the freezer, and he’ll never need to wait for his beer to get cold again. And you will never have to yell at him for putting bottles in the freezer to chill them for “just a minute,” only to forget and leave them to explode. That is a fun mess, believe me.

Another tie that he will never wear or a money clip he has no idea what to even do with are both nice gestures, but won’t it be nice to finally give him a gift he can actually use this year? When he thanks you profusely for being so thoughtful, do us a favor and let him know that the mom blog he always makes fun of you for reading says, “Happy Father’s Day.”

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