10 Favorite Pioneer Woman Products, And We Want Them All


Our 10 Favorite Pioneer Woman Products, And We Want Them All


If you’ve ever tried making one of Ree Drummond’s recipes, you know they are amazing. And even more exciting, she has a fantastic line of products for your entire home– and they will all make you drool. Here are Scary Mommy’s favorites:

1. Cutlery Set


This set of knives has everything you need for a juicy steak feast, and to cut into a beautiful cake right in a gorgeous light blue set.

2. Decorative Pillows


A nice pillow assortment is the easiest way to give any room in our home an instant face lift. These pillows are whimsical and look just as good in your bedroom as they will in your kid’s bedroom.

3. Expandable Cutlery Tray


A pretty way to organize the silverware? Yes, please. Maybe doing the dishes isn’t so bad after all. This cutlery tray is adjustable and  beautiful.

4. Vintage 24-Piece Cookware Set


There is something so satisfying about having all your pots and pans match — somehow the food just tastes better and we adore this speckled design.

5. Portable Slow Cooker


All your meals will taste better when made in this floral slow cooker. No need to store it away either — it’s too pretty to be kept in a pantry.

6. Paper Towel Holder And Crock


This super cute set looks like you got them separately while perusing your favorite flea market.

7. Double Stitch Quilt


You can never have too many quilts, especially this time of year. We not only love the colors this cozy cover comes in, it looks like something your grandmother would make.

8. Storage Organizer


Stay ultra organized in the kitchen with this organizer. It holds K-cups and you can even set your Keurig on top.

9. Cake Stand


A vintage style cake stand is the perfect way to display all your baked (and store-bought) goodies. You have a pretty centerpiece and will be sure to hear it when you kids are trying to sneak some sugar.

10. Sundae Cups


Making ice cream sundaes is always a good idea. These cute little dishes make you feel like you are enjoying a treat from a little ice cream shop straight out of the ’50s.

We love how these Pioneer Women products all mix and match so well together and give your home a vintage vibe at an affordable price — and we want them all.

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