10 Hipster Dad Gifts For The Hipster Dad In Your Life


10 Gifts For The Hipster New Dad In Your Life

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Dads can be difficult to shop for. Hipster dads can be even more difficult to shop for, because hipsters. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 perfect gifts for the hipster new dad in your life.

1. Hudson Baby Boy and Girl Bandana Bib

Image via Walmart

If it has mustaches on it, the new hipster dad will love it. And, come on, how cute are these bandana bibs?!

2. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

Image via Walmart

There is no such thing as a hipster who isn’t proud of his facial hair. Get him this grooming kit, so the baby can grab and pull on a well-groomed beard.

3. Abbey Road

Image via Walmart

How will he soothe that new baby to sleep? With vinyl of course.

4. Victrola Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player with 3-speed Turntable

Image via Walmart

It’s a record player and it has bluetooth, because no one is more tech-savvy and on-trend than a hipster dad.

5. Natural Wooden Teether Baby Toy 

Image via Walmart

Those adorable little teeth are gonna chew on this natural teether, and Daddy is gonna be super proud. (Probably while wearing flannel.)

6. Eco-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Image via Walmart

Let’s face it, there is no time for full meals in early parenthood. Put some meat and cheese out on this tray and snack to your heart’s content.

7. Chemex 10-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

Image via Walmart

New parents need all the coffee they can get, and every hipster knows coffee tastes best when it’s in a trendy gadget like this.

8. Infantino Baby Carrier

Image via Walmart

As any hipster dad knows, baby wearing is super cool. And this carrier is a must. Buy it immediately.

9. Chibello 4-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set 

Image via Walmart

His baby must be as well-groomed as his beard. This kit will help.

10. Velvet Plush To Sherpa Throw Blanket

Image via Walmart

Because there will be snuggling and naps, lots and lots of snuggling and naps. And a blanket like this will make it even cozier.

There you have it! If you want to make a hipster new dad happy, just start with any one of these gifts.

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