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It Can Wait

I have a confession: I used to text and drive.

I’m not proud of it, but I did. A lot.

And then, a couple of years ago, I saw the below ad and it completely changed my outlook on texting and driving. Was a text or e-mail worth getting in a accident over? Dying?? No. Of course not.

Drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be in a crash. Yeah.

In 2009, AT&T began raising awareness about the dangers of texting and driving with the It Can Wait campaign, and has since gotten over 1 million people to sign a pledge online saying that they will not text and drive. I’ve pledged at ItCanWait.org, and you should too.

To help raise awareness about the importance of putting down the phone, I’ve partnered with AT&T to give away an “It Can Wait” gift pack.

What’s in the gift pack?

  • An “It Can Wait” branded case for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.
  • An “It Can Wait” T-Shirt
  • 2 “It Can Wait” Thumbbands
  • 2 “It Can Wait” Stickers
  • A SkinIt coupon for one free large device skin


  • A brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII.


Samsung Galaxy SIII


I’m an iPhone girl, but I also confess to falling in love with the Galaxy. It’s sleeker than the iPhone, the battery lasts longer and it’s faster. Best of all, there’s an actual zoom on the camera, something I’ve longed for with the iPhone. It’s the coolest phone I’ve seen and I feel like a traitor saying that. But it’s true. The only downside is the steep price tag, ($549) which is why it would be so awesome to win one here!To enter, just leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner on January 10th at noon using randomizer.org.


And, please pledge not to text and drive. It really can wait.
{Update: Congrats to Kim, lucky number 125. I’ll be in touch to get your mailing address!!}

About the writer


In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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janicedoty 3 years ago

Absolutely right–no message is that important–both my daughters also avoid the phone entirely when driving!!

Cool phone too–I keep debating about getting a Smartphone and it would be between the iphone and the Samsung Galaxy3….keeping my fingers crossed!

Maddy 3 years ago

I took the pledge. Awesome giveaway!

marilyn j 3 years ago

I took the pledge. thanks for the great giveaway

Donna 3 years ago

My daughter would love this

Lindsey 3 years ago

I took the pledge!

Julie 3 years ago

I would definitely love a new phone

Lucy 3 years ago

I love this!

Jas 3 years ago

I took the pledge and I’m going to get my husband to.

Jaime 3 years ago

I gave up texting and driving! My current phone can not keep a battery charged long enough to text anymore so mamma needs a new phone LOL

Cliff 3 years ago

I would like the chance to win one. Thank you

Kim 3 years ago

I take the pledge and yell at all friends who do it while Im in the car lol. Thank you for a chance at winning and for spreading the word.

sean s 3 years ago

I took the pledge and I had all my friends take it to

Kay 3 years ago

I really like that phone companies are doing the it can wait pledge.

Jean 3 years ago

My sister would really love this phone

Sert 3 years ago

I would love to win

Sarah L 3 years ago

Yep, a little guilty of texting while driving, too. I still have an old flip phone and and on the fence with getting a smart phone – winning one would make my decision a whole lot easier. :)

Amanda 3 years ago

I really enjoy your site. it is a lot of fun to read being the mother of twins

Elizabeth 3 years ago

I use to text and drive as well before one day after work when I WASN’T texting a semi pulled into my lane on accident and I had to slam on the breaks. I had just put my phone down!

Miranda Lee 3 years ago

I’ll join the pledge

stephanie 3 years ago

I would really love t win this! would make my life a little easier.

Paige 3 years ago

Super awesome. I wish more people would make that commitment because they are risking not only their lives but others well-being.

Barbara-Jilian Bonilla-Vega 3 years ago

i definitely took the pledge AND i got other friends of mine to take it too, way too many people are affected by texting and driving…so please people, pass the pledge along and lets end these unnecessary fatalities and injuries one pledge at a time!!!

elden 3 years ago

I took the pledge. thanks!

vanessa 3 years ago

IT CAN WAIT…and it is not worth losing your life or a loved ones life for a phone call or text message. Great cause and I too was affected by that commercial. And id be glad to be a billboard I’ll wear that t shirt around..plaster my car in bumper stickers.. pass on the word not to text and drive!!!

Emily D 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive!!

Tseidel 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive.

There was a situation in the city where a girl was texting and driving and rear ended a city work truck. The unfortunate part was that the worker was standing behind the truck when it happened. It’s not worth it.

Cortney Croxen 3 years ago

I had to stop texting and driving when I had my son. Precious cargo and all.

Linda 3 years ago

Thanks for the giveaway!

Donna 3 years ago

This would be a great gift for my daughter

Julie 3 years ago

I could definitely use a new phone

kim j 3 years ago

I took the pledge and now I am telling friends and family to do the same

ChristyJ 3 years ago

Never uh uh.

Mike Brieske 3 years ago

I have never sent or read text messages, and I never will. If I see a friend attempting to I always take their phone away from them.

Stacy 3 years ago

Awesome! I pledge not to txt and drive! Would love a galaxy!

April J 3 years ago

I took the pledge! Thanks for the great giveaway.

Nina K. 3 years ago

Great cause and great phone.

Brittany 3 years ago

This is a really great cause! I don’t text and drive or call and drive. If it is extremely important, I will pull over to call. I am only 23 and a lot of people put it on the younger generations, but all I ever think is “what if I get in a wreck with my 3 year old son and he doesn’t make it due to my ignorance?” Please remember calling and driving is just as bad! Some people think that because they can text without looking at the phone it is okay, but it is not! You still have to look down a couple times and it only takes one time to screw up! BTW, I can’t get the link to work.

Grace 3 years ago

Seriously worthwhile pledge. I just don’t get why some people don’t understand that a car is hundreds of pounds of hurtling steel death that THEY are responsible for.

Jacki McHale 3 years ago

OMG that Samsung Galaxy III is pretty… but more importantly NOT texting while driving. It can definitely wait!


Carolyn 3 years ago

I’ve been drooling over the Galaxy even though I swore my next phone would be an iPhone.

Great campaign to be involved in. I agree with it 100%.

Tracy W Camber 3 years ago

Great way to raise awareness!

Ivana Martinovic 3 years ago

I’ve never texted or talked on the phone while driving, and I really think it’s as dangerous as drunk driving… And samsung galaxy is awsome!:)

michelle m 3 years ago

I think I see just as many, if not more, of the 30+ drivers texting than I do of the under 30 drivers.

Erica 3 years ago

been looking for a good new years resolution thinking I may just have found it

Brienne 3 years ago

I need a new phone! I pledge not to text and drive. Not that I ever do.

Lauren 3 years ago

I’ve been drooling over this phone. And I DON’T text and drive, ever. So not worth it.

Kim 3 years ago

Those ads get me every time. I’ve taken the pledge and would LOVE the phone!

Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) 3 years ago

I’ve heard the samsung galaxy is a great phone! I’ve always wanted one!

Eve 3 years ago

Ive heard a lot about this phone. I am on my first android and Im still a big apple fan

Meeee 3 years ago

I want that galaxy!!

Natalie Shmigelsky 3 years ago

Would love to have this awesome phone! Texting and driving should not be used in the same sentence! So dangerous!!

Diana Camden 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive! I love my family too much, so everything else can wait.


Kelly 3 years ago

I’m an iPhone girl yet Im open to change…and yes ladies it can wait

Audra 3 years ago

Thanks for helping to raise more awareness for a great cause.

Madeline 3 years ago

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I don’t text and drive either (I’m not that coordinated, anyway!).

Greta von Paumgartten 3 years ago

This is something that everyone should stop and think about. Texting can wait or just pull over to the nearest parking lot.

Kelly @ In the Mom Light Blog 3 years ago

Oh man. I’ve done it. [hanging my head low as I type this]…. it’s SOO SO important to set an example for our children though not to do this. I’m sure an inexperienced driver would be even more than 23 times more likely to get in an accident while texting :-(

Luanne Francis 3 years ago

Great idea to help spread the word. If it saves 1 life, it’s a success.

Amy 3 years ago

I will not text and drive. I will no longer pick up the phone at a red light to read one or use Siri to text while driving. She makes so many mistakes that it’s very distracting.

Karon 3 years ago

I’m an Android kinda gal,and the Samsungs are some of the best out there. I’d love to win this! (

Sarabeth 3 years ago

This is one of my New Years resolutions! And I need a new phone…bonus!

katrina 3 years ago

Great one!

Cassandra 3 years ago

I lecture everyone who texts and drive (most often my mom!) There is never any reason to!

Sara A 3 years ago

I never text and drive or talk and drive. I also refuse to communicate with anyone who is behind the wheel. If the driver of the car has a cell with them, I insist on holding it for them while they drive. I was in a serious accident in 2011 and cannot fathom why people put their lives and the lives of others at risk for something that can wait.
Thank you for the chance.

Samantha 3 years ago

I never have texted while I drove because I am just not coordinated enough (I suppose no one is really–but I could never figure out how it would work). Hope no one I know and love does it!

a Book for My Daughter 3 years ago

I was driving back from VA with my husband on Tuesday, and I noticed that he kept reaching for his phone WHILE he was driving. I grabbed it out of his hands and told him not to touch it while he was driving. Our two children were in the backseat, so I didn’t want to have an argument, even though my blood was boiling at his reaction to my apparent frustration with him. When we got to the nearest rest stop, I took over driving. I have been trying to figure out how to talk with him about this ever since then, and now I know that the best way to do it is to send him a link to your post. Thank you for writing it.

Natalie K 3 years ago

I’ll take the pledge. I’m always in the car with my two girls and i never text and drive. they mean too much to me to take a gamble with.

Nancy 3 years ago

Thank you for this opportunity and for shining light on this problem.

Christina Ridge 3 years ago

oh sweet! I pledge to never text and drive! Unless I am at a stop light…

Carol 3 years ago

I would love to win this!!!

zahara anwer 3 years ago

Great message! I it open to international too?

zahara anwer 3 years ago

Great message! I wear i’ll never text and drive. Is this open for Internationals too?

Liz 3 years ago

What a great pledge! Thank you to both you and AT & T!
It’s scary to think I used to text and drive-but not anymore!

Traci V. 3 years ago

With three children of my own who will be driving someday, I can easily take this pledge and be a good example! :-)

Tobi 3 years ago

I pledge to be a great example to my kids and NOT text while driving!!!!!

Donna Consiglio 3 years ago

I rarely text, but I will NEVER text and drive!!!!

Erica Brown 3 years ago

I have given up txt & driving since my oldest daughter was born. It was hard to stop. I use to give my phone to my daughter while was driving.

Olivia 3 years ago

With a newly licensed teen driver in the car, I’ve become aware of many of my driving flaws, texting being a big one! No more though, I’m making the pledge right now. Thanks for reminding me of what is really important!

Becky Towler 3 years ago

I want I want!!!

Kristin D 3 years ago

As a paramedic I’ve seen the outcome of bad choices including texting and driving. I personally don’t engage in it, but try and educate others regarding the danger.

Nicole 3 years ago

Red phone?? Yes, please!!

Missa MV 3 years ago

<3 I pledge.

Robin 3 years ago

I’m taking the pledge now. And I could so use the new phone. Thanks go my 2.5 year old daughter, my current phone looks like a spider web. (That’s what I get for letting her play with it.)

sunshine medina 3 years ago

My kids watch movies on my phone when we’re driving so no texting for me!

Christie M 3 years ago

Looks like an awesome phone!

Carrie Roberson 3 years ago

In 2010, my then-fiancée was hit by a car while riding his bike to work. Right before he got hit, he remembers looking behind him and saw the driver with a phone in her hand. She sped away, leaving him on the ground. He could’ve died and I wouldn’t have my husband or two girls today.

I will NEVER put a phone in my hand while they’re on the wheel unless it’s an emergency.

Amy Ackerman 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive.

Crystal Robbins 3 years ago

I just wish I could get my husband to stop as well.

Kim Griffiths 3 years ago


Diana Williams 3 years ago

I used to text and drive as well, thinking so what, I put make up on while driving too. But the ads caught my attention, and I DO have too much to lose (which is what I’ve always taught my kids to think about when making decisions as well), so I do not text and drive. MY HUSBAND however does not feel there is a danger, even though he has swerved a few times even on the expressway!! It would be awesome to hear him give his word that he will not text and drive anymore. Wish me luck in trying to convince him.

Heather Searcy 3 years ago

I used to text and drive…secretly, while condemning others for doing it. Then I drove off the road while simply reading a text quickly. My daughter was in the back seat and by the grace of God we weren’t injured. What an idiot I was. How could I have valued a stupid text more than my child……i haven’t texted and driven since that day!

joanna 3 years ago

great giveaway!

Elizabeth D. 3 years ago

No more texting and driving! Love that it is finally becoming an issue!!

Stacy Demby 3 years ago

LOVE this contest. I never text and drive. I wish others would do the same. It is so scary to be next to a car when they are texting. I just want to yell at them to put the phone down, it can wait.

Suzanne 3 years ago

What an awesome idea! Thanks!

Jessica 3 years ago

LOVE this contest. I never text and drive. I wish others would do the same. Spread the word!

yasmin 3 years ago

Two weeks ago, I lost a family member in a car crash. It completely changed my outlook on driving safely. I will never text and drive again!

Amy 3 years ago

It CAN wait! Taking the pledge! :)

beth s 3 years ago

make those signs that look like baby on board that say “it can wait”, or “hang up and drive” I would hang those in my car windows

Jill Hilliard 3 years ago

I am a drunk driver survivor…so I am agaisnt any distracted driving. Thanks Jill for posting this …you never know who you might save.

Robin 3 years ago

My two sweet kids in my car are worth much more than a text so no texting for me while driving. I totally hate my iPhone 3 (my first and last) and would love love the Galaxy SIII!!! Scary Mommy makes me feel like I am not alone in this crazy life and I thank u so much!!

Victtoria crim 3 years ago

I love your cause and I also am an I phone girl but I would love to fall in love with a galaxy!!!

stephanie 3 years ago

My hubby loves this phone- it’s what he has. And yes, touch screens have made it that I now pull over to look/ reply because it’s wayyy too much work to text / open them now.

Bosko M 3 years ago

This is precisely why I love touch screen phones. You don’t feel the key bumps under your finger, so it’s much harder to txt while driving (without taking a look). It was enough for me to stop doing it about three years ago.

jak 3 years ago

Driving requires two hands and two eyes, texting needs the same two eyes. Get the kids to text probably quicker at it

Jamie Watts 3 years ago

I no longer text and drive as well. Last year a family in our town lost both of their daughters in an accident where one of the girls lost control of their car on the interstate while texting. I want to be an example to my children, not in an accident caused by foolishness.

Jo Malone 3 years ago

It’s illegal to txt and drive here in NZ, but there are plonkers who still do it – see them every day!!
I currently have an iPhone, but I’d LOVE a new Galaxy :)

Ana guerrero 3 years ago

I love scary mommy! No more texting and driving for me!

Denise G 3 years ago

I’m always telling people not to text and drive. Thanx for the giveaway!!!!!!!

NCekovich 3 years ago

I’m too clumsy to text & drive…they used to call me “Grace” when I was younger. Texting while driving has never been an option to me so I will absolutely take the pledge!!

Lori Foster 3 years ago

We were just checking out new phones at the AT&T store last weekend and our daughter picked up one of the window clings and asked what it was. After I told her, she asked if she could have one to put on my car. I don’t even text!

Tarra 3 years ago

if i even look at my phone at a stop light my 6 year old yells at me, “you are not supposed to text and drive, mommy!” she’s a great reminder that if i do attempt to text and drive, it’s not just my life that i’m putting in danger!

Esther 3 years ago

I took the pledge! Nothing is so important that it should put your life, or those of others, in danger!

Emily Conway-Palazzo 3 years ago

My kids know not to text and drive, they’re all under the age of 9. Ask any one of them what to do if a text comes thru on the phone while we’re in the car. They say “Just ignore it!” And that ad campaign is one of my favorites because it is so effective.

elizabet valenzuela 3 years ago

I use to text and drive but when the first person in our town died with her infant because she was texting while driving. I realized I was putting myself and my daughter in danger. I didn’t want to die because someone needed me to answer right away or needed to read the latest gossip. I have learned to ignore it while I drive and when I get to y destination I can reply …if I remember. I promise not to text and drive!

Theresa J 3 years ago

I have been drooling over the Galaxy for awhile.

Debbie C. 3 years ago

Texts can wait! Would love to try out the Samsung phone too

Denise 3 years ago

Trying to set a good example for my triplets by not texting and driving!

Becky Richied 3 years ago

While I do not have a license and do not text and drive i do have to say that I almost got hit by a car while on the sidewalk by a car where the driver was texting and it scared me to death and I still am jumpy even walking down the sidewalk to the store.


L McDonald 3 years ago

I wish everyone would stay off of their phone and focus on driving. No text message is worth injuring or killing someone.

Taunya Welsh 3 years ago

Great cause….sign me up!!

Ana Maria Galvez Sobral 3 years ago

NIce price!!! And a great reminder for people about not texting & driving. Thank you!

Emily 3 years ago

I have never sent or read a text in the car and I never will.

D S Bunch 3 years ago

My daughter is a newly licensed driver, which is scary in itself. Having to worry about others texting while driving on the roads with her is really scary. I’ve had her sign the “no texting” pledge and I’m thrilled to see others signing. Thank you for your efforts!

Jen 3 years ago

I pledge! Thank you for the chance to win!

Christine 3 years ago

For my two daughters, my amazing husband and for all of the other drivers on the road I pledge to never text and drive.

Holly 3 years ago

It can definitely wait!

Jill Dunagan 3 years ago

No texting and driving!

kayla bondy 3 years ago

Texting can definitely wait. And if it cant… pull over.:) I can’t stand people driving and staring into their laps.

Jamie W 3 years ago

I do not text and drive. If it is something really important I just ask my daughter to text it for me. Problem solved :)

Kristin Curzon 3 years ago

I have never and will never text while driving. I promise.

Anne 3 years ago

Taking the pledge! That phone would be an awesome upgrade from my Galaxy S!

jeanette b 3 years ago

i used to text alot, but as soon as i seen other people such as my husband and mom, i thought to myself, how could you text and drive, it really isnt safe. and realizing how distracted they were, made me change my ways 100%. Never again

Merrie 3 years ago

Haven’t texted while driving since I had Thing 1 almost 6 years ago. Now with two Things driving in the back seat I wouldn’t even imagine doing it! But that Galaxy looks pretty amazing!

Stephanie 3 years ago

It’s dangerous. Nothing is that important. And I should hook up the Bluetooth in my car more often than I do.

N brueggenjohann 3 years ago

I texted when I drove but then once I looked up & I was swerving! Never again!

Staci 3 years ago

I love this!!!

Amber W 3 years ago

I SOO want one!!
I’m guilty also but don’t do it out of fear lol

Kristina 3 years ago

It’s a pledge I hold close to my heart as well as not using my phone at all while driving. I actually pull over to take a call.

Jennifer McCoy 3 years ago

I can wait. Texting and driving is not worth the risk to myself or my children

Joellyn 3 years ago

Took the pledge! Great phone, thanks for the chance. Happy New Year!

Salina 3 years ago

Pledged! It used to be, if I saw a car go over the line, I assumed they were changing a radio station or, heaven forbid, drunk. Now when I pass these cars they’ve got phones in their hands. I am guilty of checking messages at stop lights and even that needs to stop. I need to set a better example for my kids.

Amy Brown 3 years ago

Very nice ty HAPPY NEW YEARS

Lindsay H. 3 years ago

Great post, great message.

Andrea 3 years ago

The Galaxy IS awesome. And I make sure nobody’s texting and driving if I am in the car. Freaks me OUT.

Shelley C 3 years ago

Thanks for the offer and awareness!!

Shelley 3 years ago

I will make the pledge right now! What a great way to start the year. :)

Kerri S 3 years ago

Pledged! Its FAR worse and more dangerous than drinking and driving, DONT DO IT!

Heather telenko 3 years ago

Amazing Cause and thank you for spreading the message as there are too many people still texting and driving.

muskeeto_ 3 years ago

texting while driving…that shit is way dangerous

Sarah binstok 3 years ago

Great cause. Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk.

Sarah binstok 3 years ago

Great and important cause! Texting while driving is worse than driving drunk.

dawn mc 3 years ago

NOTHING is that important that it can’t wait til you’re not driving! Your phone is NOT your life…and besides I could really use this gift pack. My phone has a spiderwebbed screen & it took me 15 mins to type this comment, lol PLEEEEZE let it be me!

Indi 3 years ago

I love my old Samsung but I love my kid more, so no texting and driving for me. Besides I wouldn’t want to stick Hubby with raising a kid alone.

Diane Kinney 3 years ago

I love this giveaway and the message behind it. I agree, the text, email and even phone call can wait!

Jme 3 years ago

I’d love to win this for my hubby :)

Tammy Gnagy 3 years ago

Love the phone!

Glory Ponce 3 years ago

I would text while on red lights or stop signs but since those ads came out, they opened my eyes to how dangerous it is. I haven’t and won’t be texting while driving again, it really can wait.

Megan Williams 3 years ago

Both me and my huddy were guilty of texting while driving but once we had our son that stopped.

sara 3 years ago

my heterosexual life partner lost his uncle last year to a texting driver. i saw firsthand how something so stupid can wreck a family. it can wait.

CIsaacs 3 years ago

I leave my phone in my bag so as not to have any distractions while driving.

JayAr Hernaez 3 years ago

Great giveaway. Don’t text and drive 😀

Emily 3 years ago

Taking the pledge! Adding it to my list of resolutions… turning the page over… and done!

IIona V. 3 years ago

I like siri because she can read a text for you, but most times I don’t text and drive… Occasionally I do and I pledge to not text and drive this year, it really isn’t worth it.

Nicole Brown 3 years ago

No texting while driving is my resolution.

JayAr Hernaez 3 years ago

texting while driving is one of the major causes of road accidents everyday. A big NO-NO! for texting while driving. Text on appropriate places only.. :)

Sara Crowl 3 years ago

I think I took the pledge awhile back, but I WILL take it again!! :)

Beth Hiaumet 3 years ago

This is a great cause. Awareness can save a life. Thanks!

April H. 3 years ago

I used to text and drive until one day I nearly wrecked with my children in the car. Never. Again.

Amanda Cotherman 3 years ago

I’m so glad to see you supporting such a great campaign!

STEPHANIE 3 years ago

I never text and detour I hate to even pick up my phone to see who it is…oops missed call!( : Seeing as I will never in a million year be able to afford the iphone, galaxy our any other really NICE phone it would make my year to win this one! This campaign and ScaryMommys are awesome…great teamup

Sarah 3 years ago

Definitely no texting and driving here. You would think that it would be common sense to not text and drive. You wouldn’t read a book or write a note while you drive, why would it be okay to text.

Jenn 3 years ago

Wonderful cause….I’ve pledged!

Jennifer Kellogg 3 years ago

Totally not worth it. I pledge to not text & drive :)

Jen Johnson 3 years ago

I would love to win a new phone so please pick me pick me :) lol

Desiree 3 years ago

I’ll pull over if I need to text in the car. I have this awful, awful thought of killing someone else in such a crash.

Susan B. 3 years ago

I never texted but I do admit to reading texts – which is the same thing. It’s a bad habit that has to be broken. It’s not like the stupid text says anything that is worth your life.

Jessica 3 years ago

I used to text and drive every time I got in the car. But then I had my son and it all changed. Not worth risking our lives.

Tarina 3 years ago

I was a firm “only check texts at stoplights girl”. then it slid into texts while driving slowly…. then one day i realized i had my 4 kids in the car and was answering a text about what they wanted for christmas. all 4 of them… i typed out while driving and didnt even blink. when i finished i was stunned. i had driven like 4 blocks and had literally no recollection of driving, just typing. never again.

Kelly Wolfe 3 years ago

That’s the phone I really want!!!

Stacey 3 years ago

I used to text and drive too (sad, but true) until I saw that awful, horrible commercial where the teenage girl is texting and driving and winds up killing a family of 4. Horrible. It CAN wait. Nothing that anybody has to say in a text is worth losing your life over.

Leah 3 years ago

A great thing to bring to public attention. I’ve been hit by a texter. I would never text and drive.

Vicki 3 years ago

I do not text and drive. I do shout at people who are texting and driving so often that my 2 year old joins in. Even he knows it’s dangerous – what is with people?

Would love to win that phone. My current one is..one of those people who texts and drives.

Ginger Kleinfeldt 3 years ago

I got myself a bluetooth ear piece with my Christmas money, so I can NEVER text and drive again. I have seen how it has hurt to many innocent lives. Its time I stand up and STOP doing it. I have always done it until this year. I made that as one of my big 2013 changes to help others. I am doing more volunteer work, helping others more, and I am going not risk anyone else by me texting and driving :) I hope everyone does this!! I wish all states would ban it also!

Eddie Stark 3 years ago

There is no reason at all to EVER text and drive. With all the media campaigns and information out there it is scary to hear that people still risk their lives and the lives of others for a text—IT CAN WAIT!!!!

Amber 3 years ago

I agree texting and driving is dangerous and I was almost hit by a teenage girl on her cell phone. It was very scary.

Dawniew 3 years ago

I am Deffinatly Guilty Of This! I Pledge To Not Use My Phone While I Drive Again! For My Life And My Babies……..And For That Sweet Phone Lol 😉

Shannon 3 years ago

I pledge to give up texting and driving as well. You are right- it can wait!! LOVE the Galaxy phone.

Gina 3 years ago

I used to text and drive. I pledge to let it wait. I would love to win!

Chasity 3 years ago

I used to do many things with my phone while driving and now I don’t. You put other drivers at risk when you choose to text and drive.

Christina Kirkland 3 years ago

I confess… it was VERY VERY recently (like just a couple of weeks) that I finally stopped texting/driving. The commercials were always a wake up call but not enough to make me stop. Until… I actually WATCHED someone driving and looking at their phone (dialing a number? inputting GPS? Texting? Who knows…). They looked down, went off the edge of the road, and they flipped their car into a ditch, and I watched it happen in a split second. Now I don’t even bring my phone in the front seat with me unless i’m using GPS. Scared me straight. I’ll pledge for sure!

Danielle S. 3 years ago

I admit I used to do it too…I was always like, Yes! I am a super multi-tasker!!! Then I was a passenger in many a vehicle whose drivers texted while driving. It was SCARY to experience, I wanted to grab the wheel, and was reminding them to watch the road….that changed me…I don’t do it anymore.

Stacy B. 3 years ago

It can wait…I’m always carrying at least 4 little ones and I would never forgive myself if I hurt one of them!!

Aspen 3 years ago

I think I accidentally pledged 3 times (but that ain’t no accident) just “Mommy Interrupted”; but for a good cause!!!

Jessica 3 years ago

I used to also be guilty of texting and driving. Then the major road I have to travel every day had a HUGE increase in fatal accidents. And a good friend died because of someone who claims road glare but it wasn’t the type of day it was possible. I don’t ever want to be one of those at fault in an accident cause I was texting, or be unaware of someone coming at me because they are texting. The last place I ever want to die or get hurt is in my car. So now I have my phone set to auto text to let people know I am driving, and if they call it goes across my stereo vs. holding the phone.

Shayna D 3 years ago

We just lost a neighbor to texting while driving… She was 17. I warn everyone I know that texting actually affects your driving worse than alcohol.

Crystal 3 years ago

I want it!!!!!

Judi Dai 3 years ago

Perfect timing. This was my new year’s resolution!

Jennifer Pinto 3 years ago

Like everyone else I used to text and drive until my six year old daughter said one day “mom do you want me to be on one of those commercials because you couldn’t put the phone down and drive?” That was all it took. If a six year old got it, what the hell was my problem!!!! God bless everyone and the phone can wait!!

Crystal 3 years ago

Galaxy is awesome!!!

shelly ey 3 years ago

I canhonestly say on my trafone I can’t text. But to have a phone that can text…I would need a teenager to teach me.

D 3 years ago

As a mother I need to live by example, I don’t want my daughters to be comfortable with the idea of texting and driving – and it starts with me! Be a roll model and shut those phones off…no message is worth risking anyone’s life!

Carol Murray 3 years ago

I don’t text and drive. When she’s with me, I give my phone over to my daughter and let her handle any calls or texts. She is the best assistant. :)

shannon malbrough 3 years ago

I use to text and drive, now I know its not worth all the danger. Stay safe everyone

Ashley 3 years ago

I will never text and drive, or ride with someone who does.

Brandi 3 years ago

I don’t text and drive.

Colleen 3 years ago

It’s crazy to know how quickly something like texting while driving can change your life!

nicole stephenson 3 years ago

sorry didnt mean to post twice

nicole stephenson 3 years ago

ive taken the pledge

nancy wood 3 years ago

Super cause – thanks for bringing attention to it!

Anessa Carroll 3 years ago

Great new years resolution for us all!

Amanda 3 years ago

I’ve had my cell account since 1993 and have never wanted to text and drive (helps when you drive a standard!) and I have tried to reinforce that with my kids as they learn to drive.

Lois Callender 3 years ago

I love to text, but make a point of hiding my phone while in the car- I don’t text or talk while driving.

nicole stephenson-gillespie 3 years ago

my friends son and his sons girlfriend were hit and killed as the crossed a road last year the driver was looking down and never saw them =( there is nothing so important it cant wait till you get to your destination or you pull over.

Kristina 3 years ago

I stopped texting and driving since my daughter saw Quinn get in an accident on Glee and asked me to stop…but I’ll make the pledge again if it’ll get me a sweet phone!

Deana M. 3 years ago

My phone goes into my pants pocket while I am driving so I can’t get to it!

Kim 3 years ago

I promise not to text and drive!

Trish Carr 3 years ago

I can’t text and drive. It makes me too nervous. I wish more people felt the same way.

Jessica 3 years ago

I pledge!!!

Melissa 3 years ago

I admit I am a full on addict when it comes to text and driving. I’ve actually pledged to myself Dec 1 no more! It’s not work leaving my 5 and 4 year olds motherless. So, I pledge not to text and drive!!

milena daly 3 years ago

Such a great cause!!! and a great prize as well !! Thank you :)

Melissa Boyd 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive ever. I have had that pledge a long time now. Have seen too many accidents.

Rebecca McF 3 years ago

I pledge to not Text & Drive. (Never have & definitely never will!)

Melissa Milan 3 years ago

I tell people how dangerous texting while driving is all of the time! It can definitely wait!

Amy 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive. IT CAN WAIT!

Kate 3 years ago

Thanks for the awesome giveaway and great message

Kat Pitts 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive. I recognize that my children need their mother more than I need to check my phone. (Also, Samsung rocks!)

Josey 3 years ago

I promise. Never have, never will.

sarah beaulieu 3 years ago

I would cherish the opportunity to own such a sweet deal.

Carrie 3 years ago

I’m pledging! Pick me!

Julie 3 years ago

I used to text and drive…but I justified it by saying that I only texted small things like ok or omw. When my 16 year old daughter started driving I knew I better shape up my act if I expected her to toe the line with regards to texting and driving. It’s NO texting while driving in our family now!

Lisa 3 years ago

I am not going to even check my phone while driving this year! And this: I love how the phones are getting larger again.

Cindy Garcia 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive. If it’s really that important to get a hold of me or vice versa, I can take a call with my hands free device.

Heidi Scalzott 3 years ago

Pledge taken. It can wait…just like before everyone had cell phones!

Starrayne 3 years ago

I absolutely will take this pledge. I do not touch my phone when I am behind the wheel unless I am parked. My life means too much to my two little girls to risk it for a message that can wait an extra few minutes!

The Samsung Galaxy series of phones are kind of amazing. My husband has an SII and loves it. He’d be totally jealous if I managed to get one of these. 😉

Anna 3 years ago

I pledge to never again text an drive. Definitely not worth the risk! I hand my phone to the nearest child so that they can play a game while I drive. It keeps me from being tempted!

Brianne 3 years ago

I pledged! I a hope people stick to it!! Very scary. I hope by the time my kids are driving they figure out how to disable these functions on their phones before starting to drive!

Angie Murphy 3 years ago

While I would love to win the phone, I feel better about the fact that I have made the pledge to not text and drive. Thanks for posting this :)

April 3 years ago

What a great cause and an awesome phone!

Joy 3 years ago

Texting and driving kills! Great campaign and I definitely pledge not to text and drive. I don’t want to kill myself and my kids!

Jessica Patton 3 years ago

I took that pledge after my babies were born! They are way more important then any text!

Maritza 3 years ago

I have taken the pledge!! Please ppl do not text and drive.. It can always wait! I’ve had a close call and learned my lesson. Great awareness :)

Beth 3 years ago

Great article and great reminder. Texting and driving isn’t worth it.

Meredith 3 years ago

I pledge! Being a traffic reporter, I have reported on many unfortunate accidents, some the result of texting! I would love to donate that galaxy phone to a family who lost a child due to someone texting!

Jessica 3 years ago

Texting and Driving is always a terrible idea. Hands free for calls I am okay with, but anything else, just, no.

Nicole 3 years ago

Texting while driving is the most selfish thing a person could do. The text can wait. I hate driving anymore because no one seems to be paying attention on the roads. I feel the fine should be high so people stop texting while driving. I am happy to take the pledge!

Kris 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive..Nothing can really be that important…nice phone!

Michelle Ames 3 years ago

I now put my purse with my phone in the backseat so I don’t text and drive. I also tell my ds17 to keep his phone in the glove compartment so he’s not tempted.

Nina 3 years ago

Took the pledge I was really bad a texting and driving but now stopped once I had my son. Not worth risking our lives. Phone goes in the purse when I leave the house.

Jamie 3 years ago

I used to drive & text allllll the time, so much it bothered my friends. But when I moved back to Chicago (texting is illegal in IL & talking on cell in city), I cut back. But altogether quit when I had my baby son 5 mths ago. I have precious cargo now. <3

Shirlene Watson 3 years ago

I will totally take this pledge. I totally agree that anything that has to do with my phone & driving can wait. That Samsung Galaxy is pretty awesome. I want one bad.

Keli 3 years ago


Megan 3 years ago


Jamie 3 years ago

I’ve done the pledge and would love to win the phone!

Tana Zoller 3 years ago

I’ve been wanting this phone!! I hope I win! :)

tiffany 3 years ago

I can say since having my kiddos I’ve really stopped checking while driving. I do check at lights if I hear it go off. Recently my uncle in law should have died, he was trying to plug his phone in while driving. List control and hit a concrete barrier. “keep your eyes on the road our you’ll soon be all over it” a misquote from Rescue Bots

Keli 3 years ago

I confess, I am an iPhone junky all the way. My husband tried very hard to convince me to get the galaxy, but alas, I went with the iPhone 5. So far, so good… But I admit I am starting to have a wandering eye;) and once i had my daughter I gave up texting and driving….

Kendell 3 years ago

this really is a good pledge!!…Something that can be so easily done, yet I see people doing all the time!! I will take the pledge!!

Michell 3 years ago

Yes it can wait. Now if only my husband could get this through his head

Renee 3 years ago

I am pledging to not text and drive!!

Ashley Rock 3 years ago

I used to text also while driving, until I got in an accident from it. It was nothing major, thankfully, but it was really a wake up call. I would love to win & also make others aware that this is reality & it CAN happen to anyone!

Leah 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive!

Rychane 3 years ago

I no longer text and drive either. I agree, those commercials are tragic. It’s just not worth it.

Jill Schneider 3 years ago

Great idea!

Vicky 3 years ago

Thanks so much for raising awareness! The cell phone stays in the purse now to limit temptation.

Dawn 3 years ago

I’m glad you decided to pledge that’s the smartest thing for people to do nowadays,thanks for the opportunity to win a phone,I’m hoping to win like the rest of the people but if not its ok because this is a great way to get people to pledge :)

Lauri J 3 years ago

This is a great post! This is so important!

Jean 3 years ago

I’m also an iPhone gal but love the Galaxy!!! Sleeker, thinner, sexier! Not eligible for an upgrade for a while so would love to win it.

Sonja Laughlin 3 years ago

I was rear ended while sitting at a stoplight by a guy texting and driving.

Becca 3 years ago

I will not text and drive.

Brandi Spence 3 years ago

I also am guilty of past texting and driving. I’m ashamed of it now, all it took was the comment from my daughter “mommy why do you play on your phone while your driving?”, and that was enough for me to stop forever.

Kim 3 years ago

No texting & driving – but I’d love the phone

Megan 3 years ago

I totally am against texting and driving. Too many people get into accidents, there’s no point chancing it.

Cynthia Cain 3 years ago

I agree,100%, it can wait!

Julianna 3 years ago

Yeah…breaks my heart. No more sneaking looks on my phone while driving.

Amanda Gill 3 years ago

I love this! A year ago my daughter and I were in the car going to school and I was texting while driving. She said “MOM! DO YOU WANNA KILL US ALL??!” Good point. It CAN wait! And I am IN LOVE with this phone! I hope I win!

Amanda 3 years ago

I have been a good role model for my kids and stopped texting while driving. If there is something that just can not wait I pull over. A message that can wait till I get in my driveway or another destination is not worth dying over. I need a new phone….my sound has not worked on mine for a YEAR!

Andrea 3 years ago

I have been guilty of this…. just once. Nothing is important enough that you cannot wait until you can pull over and safely use your phone. A way to make sure is to put your cell in the trunk until you reach your destination!

Brittney Miller 3 years ago

Texting and driving is so dangerous. Thank you for raising awareness, too many people stol do it.

Robyn 3 years ago

I admit I am guilty of texting and driving. I am pledging not to do it anymore!

julie miner 3 years ago

I am taking the pledge and I love the Samsung Galaxy III.

Alice 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive. I would love the sgIII for 2013

Pam Connolly 3 years ago

No more texting and driving!

Amanda 3 years ago

I have the Galaxy S II & love it. I vow to never text & drive.

Trina Williams 3 years ago

I have a friend who texts and drives all the time and I keep trying to convince her how dangerous it is. I hope one day it will sink in before its too late.

Kaley 3 years ago

I pledge to stop texting and driving, too!!

Carrie Thompson 3 years ago

I love your site & your honesty in parenting! And, I pledge not to text and drive. We had 4 teens from our local high school killed from a texting and driving accident 2 years ago…something we will never forget.

TatooTinkMama 3 years ago

I hate texting & driving, it got to the point I actually confiscate my husbands phone if he is driving…no text is worth possibly taking out both our kids parents at once or goodness forbid someone else.
Love the Galaxy III, it’s an awesome phone but I am a cheap girl lol

mariah 3 years ago

I will not, do not, cannot text and drive.

Melissa 3 years ago

I have never texted while driving, and I pledge never to start!

Rika 3 years ago

Never text & drive!

brandi 3 years ago

I stopped texting and driving when I realized that my teenager will be driving soon and if I do it, it will make it okay of she does it. Being a good role model is important for my daughters.

Stephanie 3 years ago

I happily make this pledge…I have “precious cargo” and don’t want to hurt my little ones doing something so unnecessary!

Priscilla 3 years ago

I will absolutely pledge not to text and drive. I am a stickler for driving safely anyway. I am a huge fan of the iPhone as well lol. But if I win the Galaxy SIII then it will be my new fav phone :)

Jennifer Leslie 3 years ago

I’ve seen a few videos of text and drive crashes
I have two small children and I would never put them at risk by doing this ! I will pledge today to never text and drive
! Phone looks pretty cool

Jenelle W. 3 years ago

great way to spread the word. so important!

Tracy Oller 3 years ago

OMG I saw this commercial too about the girls sister, how horrible, I too used to text………..NOT anymore. I care about the lives of my kids and OTHER people’s kids/family more!! I pledge NOT to text!!!

misty stacy 3 years ago

Jill, can I call you Jill?? Please take pity on me….everyone around me has really awesome phones and well I, sadly, have a dinosaur for a phone. I refuse to text and drive its a good thing that I don’t cause I live in the mountains and I could kill a bear with my carelessness if I were to text and drive.
I love that a big company is making it a priority to teach people of the dangers os texting and driving

Kim 3 years ago

I’m guilty of it, too. But I’m taking the pledge and will do better in 2013. PS, I’d love to win the prize pack!

Holly hakes 3 years ago

Looks like a great phone. I’d love a better camera on my phone! I NEVER text and drive, once I had my son, things changed. He needs me and I defiantly need to keep him safe. Any text can wait!

Susan 3 years ago

Why do cars have to be so tech enabled/second office/entertainment centers? Why can’t a car just get you someplace?

Danielle 3 years ago

Any text and/or phone call can wait!

Darryl Livingstone 3 years ago

Love the phone………..dislike texting and driving

Trish 3 years ago

I’m in! No more texting and driving for this girl!

Lora Langston 3 years ago

I never text and drive. What an awesome giveaway ~ I still use a flip phone!

Pamela H 3 years ago

No texting and driving for me! The galaxy looks amazing!

zinkemom 3 years ago

I swear I will never text and drive again.

Not even at stop lights.

Wend 3 years ago

That phone looks awesome!!!

Sarah 3 years ago

I want and I never t and d!!

Juce 3 years ago

I am teaching my 6 yr old daughter that all phones wait until the car has stopped.

Lenamae Lesniewski 3 years ago

i am a recently reformed ‘text & drive’er… i would love this pack!

Brenda Zych 3 years ago

Texting while driving is so unnecessary. It can wait!!! Don’t Text While Driving People!!!

Stacie H 3 years ago

No texting & driving. It always freaks me out to see other drivers on the road staring down at the phone in their hand instead of the road!

Stephanie Knezevich 3 years ago

I haven’t done this since the day I found out I was pregnant, didn’t do it much to begin with but never thought it was a big deal. When I’m driving the phone is either on silent or hooked up to an AUX cord so I can talk hands free if needed. Signing now :)

Jamie duty 3 years ago

I have TOO much to live for! Thank you, scary mommy, for the awareness and giveaway!!

Kathleen Newell 3 years ago

I think this is a great idea to open awareness. Thank you for the giveaway. I love the Galaxy. Pledged too! :-)

Lisa 3 years ago

Pick me! I never text and drive!

Amber Denton 3 years ago

No text is more important than a life.

Michelle 3 years ago

Yay – good cause :)

Kristin deissler 3 years ago

There is never texting and driving in my car. I proudly yell and make comments to anyone i see doing it. Want to see a really scary mommy? Text with my kid in the car….

Evonne Umbel 3 years ago

It is definitely not worth the risk. I wish there was a way to better enforce laws against texting and driving.

Amanda Livingstone 3 years ago

I pledge to not text and drive.

Roselyn 3 years ago

No texting and driving for this mama.

Alexandra Knowles 3 years ago

Great giveaway! I don’t text and drive. Never have, never will.

Nisha Mistry 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive. I made myself not talk on the phone when my kids were in the car when my kids were born, I can make the same promise about texting.

Kay 3 years ago

I pledge mot to text and drive

Jymea 3 years ago

Sometimes when I start to text my teenage daughter, when I know she is driving, I stop and think… Is “pick up some milk” really worth her loosing her life over?

Denna 3 years ago

I solemnly swear not to text and drive!

Megan Tricarico 3 years ago

I took the pledge!
I keep my phone in my purse when driving so I don’t even hear it if I do get a text!

Katie 3 years ago

I never text and drive. Takes too much attention!

Alice 3 years ago

I love my samsung galaxy but have been wanting to upgrade to the III . Texting and driving is a bad habit and I am trying hard to break it.


Jennifer Bennett 3 years ago

Texting and Driving is a big no-no here. It really isn’t worth it. Ever.

Brenda 3 years ago

I have taken this pledge but will commit every time I’m asked, it’s not worth it, whatever it is can wait

Jeana O’donnell-Murphy 3 years ago

I pledge not to text and drive. Those commercials are sad but hopefully will open people’s eyes and make them realize that YES it can happen to them….it can happen to anyone who is doing it.

Joy E 3 years ago

I pledge to wait until I’m not driving to text/email!

Donna Cruz 3 years ago

I PLEDGE to NOT text and Drive ever again!!!!!

Megan H 3 years ago

I could never text and drive, not coordinated enough at all! It is great that people realize how dangerous this can be and are pledging to stop.

Liz Emirzian 3 years ago

Great to continue to shed light on this situation, I still see people doing it all the time! I don’t drive but I have been guilty of texting while walking, results in me walking into phone polls and mail boxes. At least no one gets hurt!

Christy H 3 years ago

I will pledge not to. I admit sometimes I do when stopped at a red light but I will stop that as well.

Jessica Wall 3 years ago

Awesome way to get people to pledge. I hope that more people would realize how precious life is. Thanks for the give-a-way!

Crystal pitts 3 years ago

Preach this to my teens constantly!

Ashley_M 3 years ago

Same commercial affected me as well. Say No to texting and driving.

Fiona Edwards 3 years ago

My sister was in an accident while texting. I couldn’t believe she’d been so stupid. I’m in!

Lisa Gonzalez 3 years ago

I don’t even like to talk on the phone when I am driving. So texting is a really big no no for me. Glad you are spreading a great message.

j wright 3 years ago

I’m still using a 3GS winning would rock.

Jen 3 years ago

No texting & driving!

Joy Carrillo 3 years ago

My hubby knows if I don’t answer his call or text, I must be in the car. Hate messing with my phone while driving! We’ve also been looking at the GS3 for when we upgrade!

Megan 3 years ago

This is amazing Jill! Just, wow. And btw, all you texting while driving deviants, I am the one that blows the horn at you and flips you off. You may not like me for it, but I just saved your or someone else’s life.

Amy 3 years ago

Oh how I’d love to win this package. I can’t really make the pledge as I’m too cheap to even have a texting option on my old phone;-)

Heather 3 years ago

Texting & driving; no good can come from it! My sis-in-law has a Galaxy & loves it!

niki 3 years ago

My husband and I are looking forward to looking at these phones when we upgrade…or maybe we’d only need one if I wine the drawing 😉

Kim 3 years ago

Love that phone!! I never text and drive!!!

Margaret 3 years ago

I love those phones! And I love that AT&T has been working so hard to discourage texting and driving. :)

Shannon 3 years ago

I’ve been admiring this phone. It almost feels like I’m cheating on my iPhone

Ivana 3 years ago

Taking the pledge! Whether I win or not:) Great giveaway!

Kristina 3 years ago

It can wait! I pledge!

Cari 3 years ago

Excellent advice. Not worth the risks. What a cool phone !

Ryan P. 3 years ago

Texting and driving is actually 10 times more distracting than talking to someone on the phone. I use speak to text, so I can keep my eyes on the road.

Laryssa Polika 3 years ago

Texting and driving can kill. We’re all busy, but we can exert a little patience too.

Joanie 3 years ago

It’s not worth texting and driving…or even using your phone while driving. My friend was almost killed when a guy t-boned her car because he ran a red light while messing with his phone. Stay safe, get a Bluetooth earpiece if needed. No call, text, or status is worth anyone’s life.

Marla 3 years ago

I’m a single mom that needs a new phone. And of course I would never text and drive. I don’t even talk and drive.
P.S. I love your posts.

Stacey M. 3 years ago

I would love to have one of these! I’m an iPhone girl myself but my contract is up so you never know…

Rachel 3 years ago

No texting and driving for me, but I’d love a Galaxy III

Scarlett Lee 3 years ago

Thanks for posting this and for hosting the giveaway. I have to agree with the commenter that said that she’s seen people driving as if they are drunk and they are actually texting. SCARY.

Andrea Brooke 3 years ago

Great thing to shed some light on. Many out there do this.

Rachel 3 years ago

I’ve pledged not to text and drive. It makes me so mad when people cross over into my lane because they’re on their phone and not paying attention; especially when I have my son in the car! I don’t want to ever be ‘that’ driver who wasn’t paying attention and causes an accident.

Maggie 3 years ago

Ohhhh!!! I’ve been eyeing the Galaxy for a while now! I am not a texting driver. I have a teenage son, who is minutes away from getting his license. The thought of HIM texting and driving is enough to deter me. Monkey see, monkey do. At least that’s what I hope!

Angela 3 years ago

GS3 definitely tops the iPhone!! If I win this, I would give it away to a friend in need of a smart phone. Great pledge!! I will do it.

Alex@LateEnough 3 years ago

I wrote a Samsung Galaxy spec piece and fell in love. Shhh.. don’t tell my iPhone.

sadie 3 years ago

What a great incentive and way to bring awareness around texting and driving.

I don’t text and drive.

managed chaos 3 years ago

I’m definetly taking the pledge!

amber R 3 years ago

I too have also given up texting and driving. It’s not worth the risk. Had a good friend of mine, her husband, got hit by someone who ran the red light because that person was texting. This is a great giveaway…. Thank you for doing this.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) 3 years ago

How exciting! :) Thanks for the chance!

Alice 3 years ago

I wanted a Galaxy, for Christmas, but couldn’t get one b\c I recently lost my job. I completely agree about not texting & driving.. Extremely dangerous.. I don’t even like answering my phone when I’m driving!!

Debbie Terry 3 years ago

I won’t text. It isn’t worth it.

Suzanne @Fit Minded Mom 3 years ago

I so want the Galaxy because I currently have the crappy Infuse that is always locking up on me. And I agree, it is better than the iphone!

Tracy 3 years ago

Oops, wrong linky for me. All better!

Jill Jones 3 years ago

Nothing is important enough to text while driving and risking anyone’s life. Especially my two young children!

Tracy 3 years ago

Now THAT is one pretty phone! And yes, texting and driving, no bueno. :(

Lyn Garbrandt 3 years ago

I’m an iPhone girl but have heard amazing things about then galaxy! And texting and driving is extremely stupid especially with your kids in the car, which I’ve seen too many times.

audrey jones 3 years ago

I used to text and drive and now my phone goes in my purse before I even get into the car! This phone would be awesome!!

jennifer 3 years ago

I’m not coordinated enough to text and drive..:-)

Leslie 3 years ago

Great way to increase awareness about not texting and driving. I have also taken the pledge.

Karen K 3 years ago

No longer text & drive either. Took the pledge, it can wait!

Sabrina Salas 3 years ago

Happy New Year ! And I have my fingers crossed.
PS. No txting and driving here!

Courtney Pierce 3 years ago

What a awesome way to spread the message ! I would love to see them enforce this law more often then they do in my state(md) as it is now a primary offense.The phone is pretty awesome to & would make a great b-day present to myself since my b-day is the 10th ! Loved your book as well :) sitting right in front on my bookshelf !!

Laura Bryn Chartier 3 years ago

Love the phone………..dislike texting and driving

Rae 3 years ago

I agree those commercials do work, they’re so brutal!! Scared me off of texting and driving!!

Lucy Knight 3 years ago

What a great reminder for people about not texting & driving, thank you :) Lovely looking phone too!

Martin 3 years ago

I have never texted and drove but did used to answer calls when driving. I don’t anymore, I turn my phone ringer off when driving now.

Elaine Blacketer 3 years ago

I never text and drive because I’m old and I can barely text and walk but I would definitely love that phone

Love 3 years ago

What a great way to raise awareness for this problem!
I’m already jealous of whoever wins this LOL

Brad Chartier 3 years ago

I always call even when I hear the text tone go off. I scare myself to text when I walk so I would never text and drive.

Trish Disandro 3 years ago

Those commercials are brutal.

Michole 3 years ago

I have noticed so many drivers who seem drunk but are actually texting. It can definitely wait!

pj mccarthy 3 years ago

great cause. nice prize as well, i am a big fan of the samsung galaxy as well

Rachel 3 years ago

I too used to text and drive using mostly the autocomplete. I don’t anymore after watching the commercials and seeing the accidents that have been caused by texting and driving.

joanna (babygatorsden.com) 3 years ago

The Galaxy looks awesome! I have also given up texting and driving, so dangerous! Great giveaway :)