Last Minute Gift Guide For Toddlers


The Not Quite Last Minute Gift Guide For Toddlers

Let’s go ahead and address the obvious: The holidays are upon us, my friend. And if you clicked this link, chances are you are scrambling for last minute gifts for your tiny tot. Well, here’s the good news: the Internet is still a thing and so is expedited shipping. No stress, mama. You aren’t Naughty Listed just yet.

Here’s the other good news: Scary Mommy has got you covered! Not only can you finish shopping in your pajamas, but we’ve made it one step easier. Presenting our Last Minute Gift Guide for Toddlers. Just scroll, click, buy–and Ho Ho Ho! Your Nice List status is safe for another year.

This Adorable Mickey Mouse Push Car


This is a staple for toddlerhood. If you haven’t had a scooty-butt car crashing around your house that plays ear worm musical soundtracks, have you even lived? Buy this. The smiles alone will make it worthwhile.

Mickey Mouse Toddler Chair


I can’t even with how awesome this chair is. Colorful, functional, and extra storage? It’s perfect for art projects, snack time, and watching Disney Jr. while mom sprawls out on the couch (or vacuums up crushed cereal, whatever).

Dinosaur Rescue Bot Transformers


Sons and daughters alike will fall in love with these dinosaur rescue bots. I mean, it’s three toys in one, y’all! A dinosaur, a bot, and an age-appropriate puzzle. Tell me that’s not a bargain.

This Kinda Creepy But Totally Fabulous Bubble Machine


Who doesn’t love bubbles? Rain or shine, this handy dandy bubble blower is here to bring the party to you. And I dunno if he’s a bandit or if eye masks are just the rage with monsters these days, but who cares! This funky purple guy stole my heart and your toddler will love him, too.

PJ Masks Owlette Costume


Why wait until Halloween to be a superhero? Parents, grab up this adorable Owelette costume, and your little PJ Mask will be on the way—into the night to save the day!

This Totally Sneaky Teach-Your-Kids-To-Clean Set


Toddlers love acting out adult activities. And bonus: it doubles as training! I mean, if your little one learns how to dust and mop, let’s just say this gift will have been well worth the investment.

This Kitchen That Is Way Nicer Than Your Own


Every kid needs a freaking kitchen. And when that kitchen is super mod with stainless appliances and a fancy tile backsplash–well, mama might just jump in for playtime dinner. (Seriously–how cute is this kitchen?)

This Adorable Little Shopping Cart


Plastic food, baby dolls, blankets–your toddler’s options are limitless. But one thing is for sure, they will adore having control of the shopping cart for once.

Animal Slide Show Projector


Not only is this an educational toy, but it’s a fantastic pre-naptime activity. Nothing says “wind down” like staring at pictures of animals on the ceiling in a dark room.

This Anatomically Questionable But Still Fun Puppy Surprise


Never mind the whole velcro stomach childbirth thing, this toy is a classic. Didn’t we all want a puppy surprise? Well, now you can live vicariously through your toddler, because Puppy Surprise is back! And who knows how many babies she’ll have! *Oprah voice* “You get a puppy! You get a puppy! EVERYBODY GETS A PUPPY!”

Alright—that brings our list to an end. And now that you’ve wrapped up your shopping, grab a glass of vino, and put your hair up into a messy bun–because it’s time to wrap those presents!