Deals On Last-Minute Gifts That You Won’t Want To Miss

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No matter how many times I say I won’t procrastinate, I always end up with last-minute gifts to buy.

Christmas is right around the corner and procrastinators everywhere are starting to panic. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. And we rounded up the best deals on the coolest items with 2-day shipping.

Here are some great finds for friends, kids, your husband, and even for yourself. (Because you deserve some gifts under the tree that you’ll genuinely love, mmkay?)

Google Home Mini

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This Google Home Mini comes with YouTube Music Premium for free! It’s currently on sale for $29.00. (Originally $49.00.)

Keurig Mini

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This Keurig Mini is perfect for the single cups of coffee every parent needs throughout the day. And it’s on sale for $49.99. (Originally $99.99.)


Image via Walmart

This Roomba is the closest thing you’ll find to someone willing to help clean your floors. It’s on sale for $229.00. (Originally $269.00.)

RCA 16GB Tablet

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This best-selling RCA 16GB Tablet is perfect for kids. It’s 7″ and on sale for $35.00. (Originally $49.87.)

Nintendo Switch Controllers

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These Nintendo Switch Controllers are great for anyone with this gaming console, because the more controllers you have, the more people can play. And they’re on sale for $69.99. (Originally $79.00)

Gaming Headset

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Or if your little gamer has an Xbox or PS4, they’ll love this Gaming Headset so they can talk to their friends while they play Fortnite and whatever else kids play these days. And they’re on sale for $34.95. (Originally $39.96.)

Xbox One

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Looking to become the coolest parent in an instant with this Xbox One? Well, they happen to be $100 off right now. Sale price: $199.00. (Original price: $299.99.)

L.O.L. Bigger Surprise

Image via Walmart

If your kids are obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise dolls, this L.O.L. Bigger Surprise is sure to be a hit, with over 60 surprises. And it’s on sale for $79.00. (Originally $89.00.)

Peppa Pig Deluxe Play Set

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This Peppa Pig Deluxe Play Set is perfect for smaller kids. And it’s over 50% off right now at $19.88. (Originally $40.00.)

Taco Shirt

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For dads, you can’t go wrong with a funny Taco Shirt. Tacos are my forever mood, and this shirt’s on sale for $8.87. (Originally $10.87.)

Men’s Cordless Hair Trimmer

Image via Walmart

This Men’s Cordless Hair Trimmer is great for beards too for anyone’s husband who’s still rocking the “No-shave November” look. And it’s only $19.99. (Originally $49.99!)

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Image via Walmart

These Egyptian Cotton Towels make great gifts for him that also make a great gifts for yourself. Soft and new and on sale for $6.84 – $17.50. (Originally $8.05 – $34.87.)

Superminky Robe

Image via Walmart

This Superminky Robe is super soft and is available in Women’s and Women’s Plus sizes. And it’s on sale for as low as $13.99. (Originally $19.68.)

Electric Space Heater

Image via Walmart

Treat yourself to some extra warmth this winter with this Electric Space Heater. It’s on sale for $49.97. (Originally $79.99.)

Cordless Water Flosser

Image via Walmart

If you’ve been wanting to try a Cordless Water Flosser, this one is on sale for $44.82. (Originally $54.97.)

Beauty Blender Sponge

Image via Walmart

Or if you’ve been wanting to try the Beauty Blender Sponge, it’s on sale for $15.99. (Originally $20.00.)

Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 Blender

Image via Walmart

This Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 Blender is perfect for all the protein smoothies I plan to start making in January. And it’s on sale for $49.00. (Originally $89.99.)

Muk Luks Slipper Boots

Image via Walmart

These Muk Luks Slipper Boots are great gifts for keeping your toes toasty and warm all winter long and they’re only $17.95 right now! (Originally $65.00!)

Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Image via Walmart

This set of 4 flexible, Shatterproof Wine Glasses is perfect for bringing in the new year and is on sale for $11.95. (Originally $18.13.)

No matter what gifts you get for your family (or get for yourself disguised as gifts for your family), we hope you all enjoy your holiday together. And remember that any extended family who tells you to “enjoy every moment” automatically volunteers to babysit. Those are the rules.

Speaking of rules, make sure to order by  2 p.m. local time on 12/20 to qualify for 2-day shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve. For “Pickup Today,” you can order by 4 p.m. local time on 12/23 to pick up on Christmas Eve until 5 p.m. local time.

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